Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Cedars/Fulton, Mississippi Video Tour Part 1

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In an attempt to document The Cedars (Cates-Gaither House) and the preservation/relocation effort of it currently underway by the group Preserving Itawamba County's Heritage, a series of five short video tapes were made. Part 1 is of a drive west on Main Street, Fulton, past The Cedars, around the Court House, and back east to The Cedars.

The video was shot through the windshield of my car as it moved down the street --- and I call all such videos "Through the Windshield." The noise is from my car; the music is something that was playing on the car's sound system.

The video starts on Main Street just west of the Fulton United Methodist Church, current owner of The Cedars. The Cedars will show on the left (and I pan the camera in a brief glimpse of the house). The drive continues past the Fulton Post Office (left) and the Fulton Catholic Church (right, formerly the Methodist Church), with a left turn to start around court square. At the four-way stop, ahead are signs of construction on a new down-town park for Fulton. The journey loops around the Courthouse and then back east on Main Street (Old Highway 78) and stops at curbside at the steps leading up to The Cedars.

Enjoy this brief look at Fulton on a cloudy afternoon, September 16, 2009 --- and of The Cedars in context to its current setting. Parts 2 - 5 will continue this video-look at The Cedars and Fulton, Mississippi.

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi

Video Copyright © 2009. Preserving Itawamba County's Heritage, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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