Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Cedars/Fulton Mississippi Video Tour Part 4

Click start button above to view the video. Sounds are from the engine of my automobile and from a music CD playing in the car.

Part 4 of this five-part video tour is another "Through the Windshield Video." This drive starts at the west corner of the Itawamba County Courthouse Square. On the right look for the old Senter Drug Store with its wonderful painted advertisement on the side wall. The drive continues west on Main Street down the old river bluff.

Senter Drug Store, when I was enrolled at the college in the 1950s, had a super soda fountain. For just a small amount of change, one could walk a date to the drug store, buy her a cherry-coke, and be thought a "big spender."

Back in those days girls at the college were not allowed to ride in cars. I remember walking various co-eds to town up and down the sidewalks of river bluff hill. If one had a "walking date" for the movies (two nights a weeks were girls permitted to go out) and it was raining, it was consider acceptable for the guy to drive slowly along the street in his car (if he had one) talking through a lowered window to his date as she sloshed about in the rain, sleet or snow.

Just west of the spot where the Mississippi Railroad tracks crossed main street, the tour turns north onto the campus of Itawamba Community College. The primary building shown is the Student Center built approximately on the site of the original Itawamba County Agricultural High School, a boarding school, from which the college has evolved.

Very little of the campus is shown in this video --- one must drive throughout the campus and walk among the building to appreciate the growth of this educational institution over the past few decades.

This video is part of a series attempting to identify the context into which The Cedars (Cates-Gaither House) is found in 2009. Attempts are being made to preserve the original house as it was setup when built circa 1860 and to relocate the house in Fulton.

Your help in Preserving Itawamba County's Heritage is needed!

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Part 5 will be posted soon.

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