Thursday, December 3, 2009

A PLACE CALLED HOME: Itawamba County, Mississippi

A Review by Terry Thornton

Itawamba County native, author, photographer, and historian Bob Franks has written and published A PLACE CALLED HOME: Itawamba County, Mississippi. This photographic account of the north Mississippi county he understands and respects is Franks' loving tribute to the hills of home. The reader who has never wandered the hills of Itawamba receives an accurate impression of their beauty; the reader who is familiar with them is delighted to see what he already knows presented in a novel and enlightening format.

Franks' love of subject is evident through the numerous photographs of places and objects from "Tombeckbee" Hill Country. His choices are varied and, at times, surprising. Franks' photographs show both the unfamiliar and the comfortable. They capture myriad details that usually escape the casual observer.

Franks' pictures and comments about the hill country reflect his knowledge of his native land, his reverence for his heritage, and his willingness to share his vision of this unique area of the world. This book makes the reader yearn for a place called home such as Itawamba County.

If you are looking for a Mississippi Hill Country book to read or to give as a gift, Bob Franks' A PLACE CALLED HOME should be at the top of your list. His coffee-table book will take you on a journey to and through Itawamba County.

A PLACE CALLED HOME is available at Blurb Bookstore online (click link to view). The book may be previewed at Blurb as well as ordered. On a personal note, I ordered A PLACE CALLED HOME for a Christmas present. It was my first experience with Blurb and was a most pleasing one. Blurb Bookstore not only confirmed my order within minutes and stated when they would ship my order, but they also delivered the book as promised.

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