Friday, September 11, 2009

Cates-Gaither House & Outbuildings: 1929 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

Old maps and plat drawings of lots can often yield much information about landmark property. Such is the case with The Cedars in Fulton, Mississippi. This almost 150-year old property is shown on the Fulton 1929 Sanborn Fire Insurance map.

The map image below is courtesy of Itawamba County historian and writer Bob Franks of Mantachie. Franks sent the image and information used to produce the second image below to identify the structures at the Cates-Gaither House, The Cedars.

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The Cedars (Cates-Gaither House) is located facing Main Street in Block 140 (structures just to the right of "140" on the map above).

The 1929 configuration of the house and grounds are shown above. Enclosed structures are identified in solid lines; porches and covered areas are shown with dashed lines.

Thanks to Bob Franks for providing this most valuable piece of information about The Cedars.

Your help is needed in the preservation effort of the Cates-Gaither House. Join Preserving Itawamba County's Heritage in this undertaking.

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