Friday, September 11, 2009


Cates-Gaither House, August 2009. Click photo for a larger image.

Preserving Itawamba County's Heritage is a newly formed group in Fulton, Mississippi. Composed of local citizens dedicated to the preservation and study of Itawamba County's heritage, the group has formally organized into a committee. The group has identified its first project, the relocation and preservation of the Cates-Gaither House, a historic house on Main Street, Fulton.

Details of this preservation effort will be presented here. You can help save the Cates-Gaither House by
  • joining the preservation committee (details of meetings will be announce here and in the local press --- see the Calendar Section on the left side-bar of this page)
  • attending the Heritage Day and Open House at the Cates-Gaither House in mid-October 2009 (details to be announced here and in the local press)
  • contributing stories and photographs of the Cates-Gaither House for publication here at this website (contact details will be announced here and in the local press)
  • contributing services and sweat-equity in the huge task of removing the Cates-Gaither House to its new location (work schedules will be announced here)
  • and MOST OF ALL, donating tax-deductible gifts to the CREATE GAITHER HOUSE PROJECT FUND (see details in the left side-bar)
You presence, encouragement, and support of this preservation effort is most appreciated.

Again, this site is under construction --- watch for important announcements to be posted soon.

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